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Our Features

  •  The First Stage of training Focused on essential Personal Skills such as Brushing Teeth, Bathing, Toileting and Eating without assistance.
  •     To Train these Childrens in the Practical activities of Daily Living and help them become useful Citizens.
  •     These Childrens are taught to Read, Write and Speak.
  •     They are trained to Recognize and Understand articles used in daily life like Coins, Money, Colors, Telling Time Cookery, Puzzle, etc.,
  •     Special Physical Training to the Childrens in a Variety of Games and Sports as Yoga and Meditation.
  •     Out Door Activity like taking Childrens to Public Places to know about Traffic Rules, Travelling by Bus to take Tickets, to buy things from Shop, going to Cinemas, Park, Zoo, Musium, etc.,
  •     Special Treatment like Ball Balancing, Trampaling, Bedsheet Rolling Balancing Board, Physiotherapy, Speech Training are given to the Children with Well trained Teachers.
  •     Parents Meeting is Conducted by this School for every week ends to Counsil the Parents.
  •     We Motivate Talent Development amoung Children with Special needs by Conducting Various Competitions.
  •     To Train Personnel for Services to Disabled Children with Special Needs.
  •     To Serve the Mentally Handicapped Children and Promote this Fully Development, Irrespective of Vace, Caste, Cread and Community.
  •     All kinds of Celebration, like Festival Celebration, Special Day Celebration, National Day Celebration, Birthday Celebration, Pooja Celebration is done in this Special School.
  •    There are Several Activity Training given to the Childrens like Mirror Activity, Dark Room Activity, OT Activity, Oral Activity, Concentration Activity, Physical Activity, Group Activity, Hand Activity, Sensery Stimulation, ADL, Improving Activity, Art & Craft, Cookery and Academic Activity.

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